On the Issues

Important Issues to Constituents of District 30

Police, Fire, and Emergency services

I would like to see more support for the men and women, that on a daily basis, put their own lives on the line to protect, defend, save, and assist each and every person in Missouri. These brave men and women are the ones we depend on when we need help. They are first we call, and were taught to call as children, when an emergency happens. We need more education for children, teaching that our police, fire, and emergency services are not something to fear, but are important people that will be there when needed. We all learned what 911 was at an early age, as well as its importance, lets teach the next generation the same!

Opioids Issue

According to Missouri’s DHSS report in 2016, 908 Heroin & Opioid deaths took place in Missouri, which is 1 out of every 66 deaths in 2016. As of February 2018 Missouri along with 5 other states have been selected to help find and institute a stop to this number of overdose deaths and hopefully bring the number of deaths in Missouri way down (health.mo.gov). We need a solution come out of these steps. Opioid abuse and overdose not only destroys one life, but the lives of those around the abuser. We must be understanding that it’s not always just the patient’s abuse that needs to be better examined, but the physicians that sometimes just push pain medication on their patients, instead of actually working to find a solution to the pain.

Political Party Affiliation and Citizen Trust

We have seen what a divide the 2016 presidential election has caused, not only in this great country of ours, but as well as in Missouri. We need to work with members of all parties to find a solution to this divide! All members of the house and senate need to, and will if held accountable by the voters, work together to keep Missouri moving forward! Missouri’s citizen’s need to not only feel that their interests are being represented in Jefferson City by their elected officials, but are also being instituted and action is being taken!

Missourian’s Right to Affordable Healthcare options

For those Missouri citizens who have stable employment with the option of medical insurance, a majority of them can not afford their healthcare premiums. For those Missouri citizens who are either signed up under “Obamacare” or individual insurance have seen since last year their insurance carrier provider option drop to only two health insurance carriers, (Cigna Healthcare or Ambetter from Home State Health), while all the other major insurance carriers have opted out of Missouri. This is a problem for Missouri! With the rise of medical costs, healthcare premiums going up, prescription costs, or out of pocket Prescription price not being disclosed to patients Missourians who need medical care or prescriptions can just not afford it with the increasing costs of their monthly premiums along with their deductible and out of pocket totals. I will work with other elected officials to help find a solution to this problem with possible programs such as the “Missouri Health Insurance Cooperative Initiative” (MHIC).