On the Issues

"You are voting for me, to vote for you in Jefferson City", this is my personal pledge to you, the great voters of Missouri.

Police, Fire, and Emergency services

I would like to see more support and funding for the men and women that on a daily basis, put their own lives on the line to protect, defend, save, and assist each and every citizen in Missouri. These brave men and women are the ones we depend on when we need help. They are the first ones we call, and we were taught to call when an emergency happens. We need more education for children, teaching that our police, fire, and emergency services are not something to fear, but are important people that will be there when needed.

Opioids Epidemic

According to Missouri’s DHSS report in 2018, 1,132 Opioid deaths took place in Missouri, which is 1 out of every 56 deaths in 2018. From 2014-2018 just in Jackson County 619 deaths were attributed to opioid overdose.
From 2012-2018 a reported 1.6 billion opioid doses were shipped just into Missouri, that is enough to give every resident in Missouri 260 pills.
As of 2018 Missouri along with 5 other states have been selected to help find and institute a stop to this number of overdose deaths and hopefully bring the number of deaths in Missouri way down (health.mo.gov).
We need a solution come out of these steps. Opioid abuse and overdose not only destroys one life, but the lives of those around the abuser. We must be understanding that it’s not always just the patient’s abuse that needs to be better examined, but the physicians that sometimes just push pain medication on their patients, instead of actually working to find a solution to the pain. Opioids are just a Band-Aid to the pain, they do not actually fix the issue, but in the end cause more issues down the road.

Political Party Affiliation and Citizen Trust

We have seen what a divide the 2016 and the 2020 presidential election has caused, not only in this great country of ours, but as well as in Missouri.
We need to work with members of all parties to find a solution to this divide! All members of the house and senate need to, and will if held accountable by the voters, work together to keep Missouri moving forward! Missouri’s citizen’s need to not only feel that their interests are being represented in Jefferson City by their elected officials, but are also being instituted and action is being taken!

Missourian’s Right to Affordable Healthcare options

For those Missouri citizens who have stable employment with the option of medical insurance, a majority of them can not afford their healthcare premiums. For those Missouri citizens who are either signed up under The Healthcare Marketplace or individual insurance have seen the last few years their insurance premiums go up every year. With the rise of medical costs, healthcare premiums going up, prescription costs, or out of pocket Prescription price not being disclosed to patients Missourians who need medical care or prescriptions can just not afford it with the increasing costs of their monthly premiums along with their deductible and out of pocket totals.

Ending Cancel Culture Mentality

We have a serious issue in the country with "Cancel Culture". It is normally one-sided and when it is flipped back on a person or group it then escalates. Normally cancel culture people tend to be individuals who cannot handle the truth or another person's views if they conflict with their own. Especially the type of personality that does not have a valid argument or enough support behind their "issues". I say it is time to put and end to cancel culture and get back to being accountable for your own actions and quit worrying about everyone else.

Parent's Voice and Choice in Schools

As someone who was failing out of public high school in the 90s, I can attest to the benefit of school choice. I was in a high school that was not a good environment for anyone seeking an education, I witnessed daily fighting, race fights, and teachers that just did not care.
I was accepted into Wentworth Military Academy after my second year in High school. After 1 semester there I was on the honor roll and dean's list. I am a proud graduate of high school and college from Wentworth Military Academy and College because of school choice.
It should not be up to the city or state to choose where a parent sends their children for education. Parents should feel that their child is safe, learning, and being taught the fundamentals to better assist them in life. Parent should also have a say in what is being taught to their children. Education should not be a platform for teachers or administrators to influence the next generation with their personal political or religious views.